Modified Thromboxane A2 Receptor Promoter Sequence

The invention provides nucleic acid sequences useful in regulating the transcription of a gene. In particular, the invention relates to a promoter sequence, and variants thereof, that can be used to differentially regulate the transcription of a gene. The present invention, accordingly, provides methods for regulating transcription of a gene, the method comprising providing a gene transcription- regulating polynucleotide in operable association with the gene, optionally within a host cell, wherein the gene transcription-regulating polynucleotide comprises the nucleic acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:1 of the nucleic acid sequence of thromboxane A2 receptor promoter or a fragment thereof, the gene transcription-regulating polynucleotide or the fragment thereof further comprising at least one nucleic acid modification and/or substitution. The nucleic acid sequences and probes of the present invention also find utility as predictive markers for alterations in gene transcription in disease settings; or can be used to achieve over-expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. Accordingly, the present invention also provides recombinant expression vectors and host cells for use in regulating the transcription of a gene.

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