Endoscopy System with Motion Sensors

An endoscopy system (1) comprises an endoscope (2) with a camera (3) at its tip. The endoscope extends through an endoscope guide (4) for guiding movement of the endoscope and for measurement of its movement as it enters the body. The guide (4) comprises a generally conical body (5) having a through passage (105) through which the endoscope (2) extends. A motion sensor comprises an optical transmitter (7) and a detector (8) mounted alongside the passage (105) to measure the insertion- withdrawal linear motion and also rotation of the endoscope by the endoscopist's hand. The system (1) also comprises a flexure controller (10) having wheels operated by the endoscopist. The camera (3), the motion sensor (7/8), and the flexure controller (10) are all connected to a processor (11) which feeds a display.

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WO 2,009,128,055


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