Method and System for Deploying At Least One Virtual Network on the Fly and on Demand

The invention relates to a method for generating, on the fly and on demand, at least one virtual network (402, 404, 406), adapted for a specific use, on a physical network (200), referred to as an infrastructure network, including physical nodes (204, 206, 208, 210), each of said physical nodes (204, 206, 208, 210) runs at least one network operating system, said method including the following steps: determining, on at least one computer device (202), referred to as a virtual network server, data related to said virtual network (402) to be generated in accordance with said particular use; transmitting, on the basis of said data and to at least a portion of said physical nodes (204, 206, 208, 210), referred to as active nodes, of said infrastructure network (200), a request for creating a virtual node; and creating a virtual node on each of said active nodes by installing a virtual device in each of said active nodes, said virtual network consisting of all of said virtual nodes thus created. The invention also relates to a system implementing such a method.

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