Method and System for the Efficient and Automated Management of Virtual Networks

The invention relates to a method for the automated management of the performance of at least one virtual network (214, 216, 218) consisting of a plurality of virtual nodes installed on physical nodes (202, 204, 206, 208) selected from among a set of physical nodes forming an infrastructure network (200). Said method includes the following steps for each virtual network (214): determining so-called load data related to a load state of at least one virtual node (2022, 2044, 2062, 2086) of said virtual network (214); determining at least one overloaded virtual node (2086) of said virtual network (214) on the basis of said data and of at least one predefined criterion; and redefining said overloaded virtual node (214), said overloaded node benefiting from additional resources after said redefinition.

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WO 2,011,007,106


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