Method and System for Processing a High-resolution Image

The invention relates to a method for processing a high-resolution image (HRI) including: - a step (E30) of decimating said high-resolution image into wavelets to obtain an lower-resolution image; - a step of creating a binary mask making it possible to locate at least one object in the lower-resolution image; - for at least one of said objects located in the lower-resolution image (LRI): - a step (E712) of determining an area of the high-resolution image corresponding to said object; - a step of selecting a high-resolution thumbnail image including available space that is larger than said area; and - a step (E745) of copying said area in the thumbnail image, the thumbnail images being organised in a single gallery of thumbnail images; and - a step of processing said gallery of thumbnail images in order to process the objects simultaneously in the high-resolution thumbnail images (THB) thereof.

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