Memory Circuit with Multi-sized Sense Amplifier Redundancy

A memory circuit with multi-sized sense amplifier redundancy is disclosed. In one aspect, the circuit includes sense amplifiers connected to differential bit-lines and configured to amplify a voltage difference sensed on the differential bit-lines. The sense amplifiers include a first set of smaller sense amplifiers and a second set of larger sense amplifiers redundantly arranged to the first set to form redundant groups which each contain one smaller sense amplifiers and one larger sense amplifiers. The larger sense amplifiers have a failure rate lower than the smaller sense amplifiers. The circuit also includes calibration circuitry connected to enable and disable nodes of each of the sense amplifiers and configured to select for each redundant group either the smaller sense amplifier of the first set or, if the smaller sense amplifier fails, the larger sense amplifier of the second set.

US 20,110,063,934


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