Process for Manufacturing a Crystalline Silicon Layer

A method for forming a crystalline silicon layer on a substrate is provided, said method comprising the steps of: performing a metal induced crystallization process, said process comprising: depositing a metal, e.g. aluminium, on said substrate at a first temperature, said metal having an external surface; oxidizing said external surface of said metal at a second temperature; depositing amorphous silicon on said oxidized external surface of said metal at a third temperature; annealing said metal and said silicon at a fourth temperature, whereby a crystalline silicon layer is obtained on said substrate covered by an external layer comprising said metal, and removing said external layer comprising said metal thereby exposing said crystalline silicon layer, wherein at least said first temperature and said fourth temperature (crystallization temperature) are not lower than 200 DEG C; and a crystalline silicon layer obtained by the above-mentioned method.

WO 2,011,026,915

Inventor(s): VAN GESTEL DRIES [BE]

Type of Offer: Sale

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