Resonance-based Rotor Position Estimation

The present invention relates to sensorless rotor position estimation of a salient machine, such as a switched reluctance machine or a salient brushless DC machine. The invention relates to a test system (200) for a salient machine (230) to be driven using an inverter (220). Periods of zero current may occur in the phases of the salient machine. The test system (200) comprises a test pulse generator (210) for applying a voltage test pulse with the inverter of the salient machine. The voltage test pulse may be applied in an idle phase of the machine. The test system furthermore may comprise a measurement circuit (240) for determining a damped resonance response following the end of the voltage test pulse at which moment at least one terminal of a phase winding of the machine is decoupled, and a processor (250) for deriving therefrom a position of a rotor of the salient machine (230).

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