Process and Apparatus for Continuous Wet Granulation of Powder Material

An apparatus for wet granulating a powder material comprises:-a barrel having a granulation chamber and being provided with a first inlet (1) for receiving said powder material and for supplying it to said granulation chamber and with a second inlet (2) for receiving a granulating liquid and for supplying it to said granulation chamber, said granulation having an aperture (9) for discharge of granules from said barrel, and-a transporting means (S) for advancing said powder material toward the end of said granulation chamber while granulating it with the aid of said granulating liquid, said transporting means (S) comprising a first transport zone (4) at its rear end, an agglomeration zone (5) downstream from the first transport zone (4) and a second transport zone (8) at its front end, said first inlet (1) and said second inlet (2) being positioned above the first transport zone (4), wherein said aperture (9) has a shape tightly fitting the terminal portion of the transporting means (S) for directly discharging said granules from the granulation chamber. The apparatus is useful for continuously wet granulating biologically-active ingredient formulations, chemicals, detergents and foodstuffs.

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US 20,110,108,646


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