Controlled Biosecure Aquatic Farming System in a Confined Environment

The present invention relates generally to improving the bio security and the stability of intensive recirculating aquatic farming systems for instance by hard and soft sensing and control of the pH and alkalinity in an aquatic farming system and in response thereto optimal pH and alkalinity normalisation and nitrogen removal. This control is aimed at reduce toxicity in particular nitrogen toxicity on the living organism and at preventing biosystem collapse. Yet more particularly the invention concerns a control system to restore the biosystem' s homeostasis of intense recirculating aquatic farming systems. The system of present invention to control the pH is particularly suitable for an aquatic farming system that needs a normo-pH suitable for the integration intensive recirculating farming of aquatic animals with the farming of soilless hydroponics crop farming. The present invention relates generally to a controlled farming system for energy efficient farming in a confined space that is monitored and controlled by a hard and soft sensing system whereby the controlled farming system comprises reactors and storage containers, which are interconnected and/or are communicating with the confined space, which comprises the farming system. In particular embodiment the energy, biomass and molecule flows in the internal environment of the reactors, the storage containers and the confined space comprising the reactors and storage containers are controlled for energy efficient farming of aquatic organisms and crops and the minimal waste of energy and material in the external environment. More particularly the present invention concerns a system and method for farming of crops and aquatic animals with improved control of the systems components for optimal use of the biomass and energy input and less energy and biomass waste output.

WO 2,010,142,004


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