Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine

Permanent magnet synchronous machines (100) are described having good efficiency, as well as corresponding methods for making a stator (110) or stator teeth (114) for such machines. A method for fabricating a stator (110) for an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine is for example described comprising obtaining several sets of substantially identical laminates (302), and stacking the sets of substantially identical laminates (302) so that a subsequent laminate has a part overlapping (304) the previous laminate and a part not overlapping (306) the previous laminate. Alternatively, a method of manufacturing a stator (110) is described wherein the method comprises obtaining a set of laminates (302) connected to each other with a thin strip (402) of material and creating a stack by folding the laminates (302) along the thin strip (402) of material. The stator teeth (114) can furthermore be fabricated such that the air gap (602) that is formed between the stator tooth and the permanent magnets changes along the radial direction.

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WO 2,010,146,175


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