An Improved Combined Heat Power System

A combined heat power system comprises a Rankine cycle, optionally an organic Rankine cycle, using a fluid both in gaseous phase and liquid phase. The Rankine cycle comprises - an evaporator for evaporating the fluid from liquid phase to gaseous phase, - an expander for expanding the fluid in gaseous phase provided by the evaporator. The expander is suitable to transform energy from the expansion of the fluid in gaseous phase into mechanical energy, - a condenser for condensing the fluid from gaseous phase from the expander to liquid phase and - a liquid pump for pumping the fluid in liquid phase provided by the condenser to the evaporator. The system comprises a heat source providing exhaust gas. The exhaust gas provides thermal energy for evaporating the fluid from liquid phase to gaseous phase by the evaporator.; The system further comprises a generator unit for converting mechanical energy from expander to electrical energy. The expander is a volumetric expander.

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WO 2,009,007,408


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