Correction of Phase Error in Magnetic Induction Tomography

The invention relates to correcting signals measured in magnetic induction tomography with regard to a phase error. In the tomography system, an object (OBJ) is exposed to alternating magnetic fields by transmitter coils (SP1, SP2, SP3) located at specific transmitter positions, alternating voltage signals are picked up through receiver coils (ES1, ES2, ES3) located at specific receiver positions, and an image of the spatial distribution of the electrical properties within the object is reconstructed from the voltage signals based on their amplitudes and phases. At least one of the receiver positions is modulated with regard to the transmitter positions, such as a linear vibration, causing an alternating modulation signal which superimposes the corresponding picked-up alternating voltage signal, and in a preprocessing unit (PRP) a phase of said modulation signal is determined and the alternating voltage signal is corrected by applying a phase shift compensating said modulation signal phase.

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WO 2,010,003,162


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