Electromechanical Generator

Invention relates to mechanical human motion energy converter to the electric energy. It is proposed the electromechanical generator which operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction and consists of a flat coil and magnet. The mechanical energy of the periodic motion of human body that occurs during walking is used for electric power creation. Human motion-induced periodic force or human body parts relative motion induces periodic movement of the magnet parallel to coil. Periodic motion of the magnet along the coil creates periodically alternating magnetic field flow crossing the coil and as the end result - the electrical current in the coil. Electromechanical generator is implemented in the two-dimensional architecture and can be integrated in elements of clothing and/or accessories (e.g. bags) moving periodically during walking. Generated electric current can be used to run various devices and/or stored for use afterwards.

LV 14,168

Inventor(s): BLUMS JURIS [LV]

Type of Offer: Sale

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