Thermally and Mechanically Resistent Ceramics

Invention is related to the high-temperature dense mullite-ZrO2 ceramic materials for using mainly in high-temperature (working temperature is greater or equal to 600 centigrade)technological equipment (as fire-resistant "backing" in high-temperature furnaces, in glass melting furnaces, spreaders, as plungers etc) as well as in technological equipment at temperatures lower than 600 centigrade (for instance, in technological lines for food technologies). Such ceramics possesses high mechanical and thermal shock resistance as well as chemical and corrosion stability in different environment both at elevated and at room temperatures. Described thermally and mechanically resistant ceramics have been obtained from powdered mixture with the 50 to 500 nm particle size dispersion and consisting of (in weight ratio): ? (gamma) Al2O3 - 57.75 to 62.25; SiO2 - 24.10 to 28.00; ZrO2 - 4.15 to 5.20; illite clay - 0.5 to 10; Y2O3 - 4.00 to 5.20. Proposed mixture of raw materials guarantees formation of dense ceramics at temperature range from 1200 to 1400 centigrade, possessing high pressure strength (155 to 175 MPa) depending on definite annealing temperature, shock resistance at temperature range 500/20 to 100/20 centigrade as well as it is chemically and corrosion resistant in different environment.

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