Multipolar Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnets

The multipolar synchronous generator with permanent magnets has been proposed. The generator contains a stator having Zs number of evenly placed teeth with a pitch distance between teeth ts, which are embraced by winding of an armature. Rotor of the generator is toothed, without winding and has permanent magnets between teeth, with a direction of magnetization perpendicularly to lateral faces of teeth. Thus there can be a little number of teeth between magnets, the number of which is nm and the pitch distance tr between teeth of rotor is fixed in accordance with given mathematic formulae. The pitch distance between teeth, adjacent with a magnet, is increased by tr(k+-0.5), where k is any integer, including zero. Parameters Zr, nm and k are chosen taking into consideration an option to wind an armature winding and to install magnets of required dimensions. The generator works when the magnets are being activaded. In that way the rotor teeth are magnetized. When a rotor is rotating, magnetic fluxes of a stator teeth fluctuate in the range between maximum and minimum values, creating electromotive forces (EMF) in a stator coils. These EMF, due to a choice of the certain number of coils, teeth of a rotor, the number of magnets and pitch distance between teeth, form EMF of phases. Taking into account that the pitch distance between teeth, adjacent with a magnet, is increased by tr(k+-0,5) in comparison with pitch distance tr of teeth, located between magnets periodical change of teeth polarity of a rotor does not affect formation of EMF of an armature winding. The proposed generator has reduced number of magnets which are bigger in size, thereby the production technology of an electrical machine has been simplified and efficiency of magnets has been improved.

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