Asynchronous Motor Drive

The invention refers to electrical engineering and it could be used in electric drives. Its purpose is to stabilize the electromagnetic torque in the case of power supply network voltage and frequency deviation. The power supply network is connected to the induction motor stator windings 1, 2, 3 connected in series with controlled bridge rectifier 4, which output is connected to the supercapacitor 5. The choke 6 and controllable switch 7, which has parallel connected three phase net inverter 9, are connected parallel to the supercapacitor 5. By setting the supercapacitor 5 charging current, it flows through three phase induction motor stator windings 1, 2, 3 and determines the cage rotor asynchronous motor electromagnetic torque. The three phase net inverter 9 is switched on at determined supercapacitor 5 voltage level and periodically bypassed by controllable switch for estimating the stable commutation processes

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