Inductor Type Ac Generator

This invention presents inductor generator with multiphase armature and excitation winding. Generator consists of toothed, non-wound rotor 1 and toothed stator 2 with coils of basic multiphase armature windings 3, additional armature micropower windings 4, basic excitation windings 5 and additional micropower excitation windings 6. Coils of additional windings against basic windings are designed bifilarly, having no mutual inductance with basic windings, but same connection diagram. The basic armature winding during the autonomous operation mode is switched to load, but additional armature winding to the alternating current source of stable set frequency. The basic excitation winding receives voltage through the amplifier from additional excitation winding. During the operation with the large power grid both of the armature windings are swithced to the grid. The generator operates following way. According to circuit diagram, showed in Fig.1 and stator teeth steps, equal to t1 = 2/3tz and t2 = 2tz/3+tz/4=11/12tz, between basic windings and additional windings apear same electromagnetic linkages as in conventional syncronus machine with multiphase windings on the stator and rotor. When the rotation frequency of the rotor differs from the sinchronous rotation frequency the emf with this frequency difference apears in the additional excitation winding. The current with this frequency is being amplified and then supplied to the basic excitation winding. Then rotating electromagnetic field apears and it rotates with the frequency difference. In the result the rotation frequency of the basic electromagnetic field is synchronous. The voltage in the armature windings has stable frequency, the power is transferred to the load. In the result, despite the changes of rotation speed of the rotor, the statble output voltage and frequency and reliable operation with large power grid is achieved. The construction of the generator is simple and effective.

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