Wind-powered Engine

The invention refers to wind-power engineering and may be used for the generation of electrical energy or in mechanical works. The wind-powered engine consists of a vertical shaft installed in the bearing assembly and connected with the transmission of mechanical energy consumers. The radial blade of the wind-powered engine consists of two symmetrical, oppositely oriented channelled consoles. The consoles are joined to a connecting pipe which is placed on the vertical shaft. The pipe ensures the flow of air from the active console cavity to the passive console cavity. The consoles have a sweep and a narrowing. It is suggested to considerably decrease the axial dimensions of the blades, at the same time increasing their radial dimensions, at the expense of the increase of wind-powered engine operating efficiency. It will make it possible to substantially decrease the weight of the whole structure. The suggested wind-powered engine, which differs by simplicity and reliability of structure, may be widely used to provide power supply to different facilities (houses, industrial structures, vehicles, etc.). An exemplary embodiment of the invention is represented in fig.1.

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