Adjustable Single-channel Inertial Navigation System with Side Channel

The invention applies to aircraft's navigation industry. It gives possibility to decrease mistakes of the inertial navigation system and to accomplish inertial system technically more simple than its classical analog. The developed inertial navigation system which functional block diagram is shown in Fig.2 consists of only one channel - side channel. The developed single-channel inertial system contains specific correction chains that substantially decrease system's failures. The correction chain receives the information from side devices - speed device and elapsed distance system. The developed single-channel side inertial navigation system can be used in the military and civil aviation. In the civil aviation single-channel adjustable side inertial system may be used in relatively small aircrafts, to hold the aircraft on the given road line. In the military aviation single-channel adjustable side inertial system can be used in pilotless aircrafts in automatic control system contour. That gives possibility to fulfill the aircrafts self-governing (dormant) flight.

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