A Cell Cultivation Receptacle and Related Apparatuses

A cell cultivation receptacle (10) comprises a recess layer (11) having formed therein a downwardly extending recess (12) defining an opening (13) on an upper side of the recess layer (11). The recess (12) further defines one or more lateral boundaries (14) that taper inwardly in the downward direction, from the opening (13), to intersect the bottom (16) of the recess. The bottom (16) is defined by a bottom layer (17); and the receptacle (10) a removable closure (18), for the opening, including a closure member (19) that is moveable from an open position spaced from the aperture (13) to a closed position in which it closes off the aperture (13).; The closure member (19) includes extending downwardly from an underside a displacement member (21) that when the closure member (19) occupies its closed position occupies part of the interior of the recess (12), the displacement member terminating in a lower surface (22) that is spaced from the recess bottom (16) to define a cell cultivation space in the recess, and the displacement member (21) including at least a portion that tapers in the said downward direction at a more acute taper angle than the taper angle of the or each said lateral boundary (14).

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