A Piezoelectric Drive Assembly

A piezoelectric drive assembly (10) comprises a frame (11) supporting at least two piezoelectric actuator stacks (12), the frame (11) including a plurality of frame elements (13, 16, 19) and the actuator stacks (12) protruding from a first said frame element (13) in adjacent relation to one another so as to provide for a stepper-type piezomotor action caused by operation of sets of the piezoelectric actuator stacks (12) in clamping and shearing modes respectively. The assembly (10) also includes an elongate driven member (14) that is acted on by the actuator stacks (12) for advancement in the direction of its major dimension. The drive assembly (10) includes a further frame element (16) that is spaced from and juxtaposed relative to the first frame element (13) and that reacts forces applied to the driven member (14) by the actuator stacks (12)

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