Portable System for Assessing Ability to High Jump

The invention relates to a portable system for assessing ability to high jump. Said system comprises a logical software component consisting of a set of instructions stored in the ROM memory of a microcontroller controlling the components of a device. The system also comprises a detection element comprising a clip to be placed on the shoe to be worn by the subject to be studied, and which has various electrical contacts causing the electrical circuit to close when the foot is placed on a conductive strip. The system further comprises a strip consisting of a conductive material and a main hardware module that is connected to the clip by means of a cable or wirelessly and comprises a battery, one or two microprocessors for treating the pulses generated by the subject at the moment of the jump, and a temporary memory. The system according to the invention can be used in sport and in schools for assessing physical condition.

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WO 2,010,094,819


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