Guidance, Navigation and Information System Especially Adapted for Blind Or Partially Sighted People

The present invention concerns an orientation, navigation and information system, especially adapted for blind or visually impaired people. It is essentially a system that allows blind or visually impaired people to access information usually made available only to public transportation users visually, through posters or informative signs, or through dynamic information screens of various nature.; It allows, first of all, the access to information from the outside or within private or public facilities or locations, using a conventional mobile phone (2) equipped with one or more additional communication channels, or a wireless communicator, and in second place, it allows also, simultaneously, the orientation and navigation of the system user(s), through places of interest (20), according to their instructions, using a discreet and non-obstructive system of acoustic emitters (3, 17), and using also a cell system or radio communication network (6) like Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi and/or others, inserted in and related with the places of interest of the user(l). This allows the user to know his (her) accurate localization and can guide his (her) route.; The present orientation, navigation and information system can also be used by people without visual impairment, by adapting the system, for example, to display orientation instructions visually.

EP 2,313,879


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