Suspension/retraction Device for Surgical Manipulation

A device that can be delivered into a body cavity to manipulate tissue intracorporeally while being controlled extracorporeally and a method of using the device to perform a single-port laparoscopic or natural orifice surgery. The device is being capable of being passed through an interior diameter of a single port into the body cavity. The device comprises an anchor or suspension element that is attachable or mountable to the tissue intracorporeally, a guide element attached to the anchor or suspension element that allows for manipulation of at least one structure in at least one direction, and at least one structure attached to a suture or thread that is passable through the interior diameter of the port and positionable by the guide element.; The anchor or suspension element and the guide element provide leverage for moving the structure intracorporeally and the structure is controllable extracorporeally by manipulating the suture or thread so that the structure moves in at least one direction intracorporeally.

WO 2,009,023,136


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