New substituted bisoxazoline ligands, useful as chiral catalyst in asymmetric organic synthesis, preferably nitroaldol reaction

Substituted bisoxazoline ligands (I) are new. Substituted bisoxazoline ligands of formula (I) are new.R1, R2, R3 = aryl, e.g. phenyl or alkyl, e.g. methyl, isopropyl or tert-butyl. Independent claims are also included for: (1) preparation of (I); (2) a polyglycerol bound bisoxazoline derivative of formula (IV); (3) preparing (IV) comprising reacting substituted bisoxazoline ligand of formula (V) with modified polyglycerol of formula (OH-(CH 2-CH(OH)-CH 2-O) m-CH 2-CH(R4)-CH 2-O) n-H) (VI) under basic catalysis; and (4) asymmetric organic synthesis which makes use of (IV) as a chiral catalyst. R4 : good leaving group e.g. tosyl, mesyl or iodide, which can be easily substituted with nucleophiles; either n : >= k; and m : >= 0; or (m+n) : greater than 1; and k : >= 1.

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DE 102,009,012,445


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