Melanoma Biomarker and Methods of Uses

The present invention relates to the use of TROY, also called tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 19 (TNFRSF19) also called toxicity and JNK inducer (TAJ), in diagnosis and therapy of non-epithelial cancers, such as melanoma. Accordingly, the invention provides in vitro and in vivo diagnostic and/or prognostic methods for cancers, other than epithelial cancers, preferably melanoma, comprising analyzing TROY expression in a biological sample from an individual or in an individual, wherein expression of TROY in non-epithelial cells, such as in melanocytes, in indicative the biological sample or the individual containing malignant cells, such as malignant melanoma cells. The invention also provides therapeutic use of TROY targeting molecules, such as TROY antibodies or TROY targeting RNA interfering agents for treatment of cancer wherein the cancer cells express TROY.

US 20,110,091,487


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