S Isomers of Alpha-methyl Hydrocinnamic Acid for the Treatment of Blood Disorders

The present intervention generally relates to compositions comprising S-isomer of alpha-methyl- hydrocinnamic acid for the treatment and/or prevention of blood disorders and blood deficiencies, as well as methods for treating blood disorders and/or blood deficiency in a subject by administering a composition comprising S-isomer of alpha-methyl-hydrocinnamic acid to the subject to ameliorate at least one symptom associated with the blood disorder. Another aspect relates to administration of an S-isomer of alpha-methyl-hydrocinnamic acid stimulate multi-lineage hematopoietic cell production in a subject, for example, increasing the numbers of circulating neutrophils, erythrocytes and platelets. Accordingly, one aspect of the present invention relates to administration of S-isomer of alpha-methyl- hydrocinnamic acid, e.g., by oral administration to a subject for the treatment of blood disorders, for example but not limited to, hemaglobinapathy, thalassemia and aplastic anemia. In some embodiments, the oral pharmaceutical formulation comprising an S-isomer of -a-methyl-hydrocinnamic acid can be used to increase red blood cell proliferation, or increase the proliferation of hemoglobin-expressing cells in a subject in need thereof, e.g., a subject having a blood deficiency such as a subject undergone chemotherapy or radiation exposure or radiation therapy. In some embodiments, a formulation comprising an S-isomer of alpha-methyl-hydrocinnamic acid (ST7S) can be used to simulate myelopiesis or erythropoiesis in a subject in need thereof.

WO 2,011,056,978


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