Methods and System for Confocal Light Scattering Spectroscopic Imaging

The present invention is generally directed to imaging methods and apparatus that employ angular and/or wavelength distribution of light backscattered from multiple portions of a sample in response to illumination by electromagnetic radiation to generate one, two or three dimensional images of the sample. In many embodiments, confocal imaging can be employed to detect the backscattered radiation, e.g., to measure spectral signals of layered samples (such as biological samples) through optical sectioning. The methods of the invention can be applied to a variety of samples including, without limitation, biological and non-biological samples, organic and inorganic samples, to obtain information, e.g., regarding morphological, compositional, and/or structural variations among different portions of the sample.; By way of example, in some applications the methods of invention can be employed to obtain light scattering signals from cells or tissues buried under the skin.

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