Reconfigurable Magnetic Logic-circuit Array and Methods for Producing and Operating Such Logic Devices

The invention relates to a reconfigurable magnetic logic-circuit array having at least two magnetoresistive elements, each composed of at least two magnetic layers, which are separated from one another by an intermediate layer, in each instance, whereby one of the magnetic layers, as a reference layer, does not substantially change its magnetization under the influence of external magnetic fields, and the other magnetic layer, as a free layer, changes its magnetization perceptibly under the influence of external magnetic fields, and having at least one conductor for signal ports, with which conductor, when current is flowing, a first magnetic field can be generated that flips the magnetization of the free layers, and having a device for on-demand generation of a second variable magnetic field, which also influences the magnetoresistive elements.; For this purpose, two such magnetoresistive elements are disposed adjacent to one another, whereby the magnetization of the two reference layers is oriented in opposite directions by means of preadjusted unidirectional anisotropy, and the magnetoresistive elements are interconnected with one another in such a manner that, as a result of the action of the first and second magnetic fields on the magnetoresistive elements, the switching behavior of all basic logic functions, especially the AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR or XNOR functions, can be induced on the basis of the resulting changes in the orientation of the magnetization of the free layers, and thus of the resistance of the magnetoresistive elements in the logic-circuit array.

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