Low-temperature Surface Doping/alloying/coating of Large Scale Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays

A method and corresponding system for providing a uniform nanowire array including uniform nanowires composed of at least three elements is presented. An embodiment of the method includes growing an array of two-element nanowires, and thereafter uniformly doping or alloying each two-element nanowire, with respect to each other two-element nanowire, with at least one doping or alloying element through a wet chemical synthesis with a precursor solution, to produce the uniform array of nanowires composed of at least three elements. The two-element nanowire can include Zn and O, and the at least one doping or alloying element can be Mg, Cd, Mn, Cu, Be, Fe, and Co. Applications of the three-element nanowire array include solar cells and light emitting diodes with improved efficiencies over existing technologies.

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US 20,100,180,950


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