Glucose Sensors and Methods of Manufacture Thereof

Disclosed herein is a device that functions as a glucose sensor. The device has a reference electrode; a counter electrode, a working electrode; an electrically conducting membrane; an enzyme layer; a semi-permeable membrane; a first layer of a first hydrogel in operative communication with the working electrode; the first layer of the first hydrogel being operative to store oxygen; wherein the amount of stored oxygen is proportional to the number of freeze-thaw cycles that the hydrogel is subjected to; and a second layer of the second hydrogel. Disclosed too is a method that comprises using periodically biased amperometry towards interrogation of implantable glucose sensors to improve both sensor's sensitivity and linearity while at the same time enable internal calibration against sensor drifts that originate from changes in either electrode activity or membrane permeability as a result of fouling, calcification and/or fibrosis.

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