Apparatus and methods for solar energy conversion using nanoscale cometal structures

An apparatus and methods for solar conversion using nanoscale cometal structures are disclosed herein. The cometal structures may be coaxial and coplanar. A nanoscale optics apparatus (100) for use as a solar cell comprises a plurality of nanoscale cometal structures each including a photovoltaic material (180) located between a first electrical conductor (120) and a second electrical conductor (160). A method of fabricating solar cells comprises preparing a plurality of nanoscale planar structures; coating a plurality of planar surfaces of the plurality of planar structures with a photovoltaic semiconductor (180) while leaving space between the plurality of planar surfaces; and coating the photovoltaic semiconductor (180) with an outer electrical conductor layer, wherein a portion of the outer electrical conductor layer is located between the planar structures to form coplanar structures.

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CN 101,313,404

Inventor(s): REN ZHIFENG

Type of Offer: Licensing

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