Hetero-nanostructure Materials for Use in Energy-storage Devices and Methods of Fabricating Same

The embodiments disclosed herein relate to hetero-nanostructure materials for use in energy-storage devices, and more particularly to the fabrication of hetero-nanostructure materials and the use of the hetero-nanostructure materials as battery electrodes. In an embodiment, a Si/TiSi2 electrode 1000 of the present disclosure includes a plurality of Si/TiSi2 nanonets 1001 formed on a surface of a supporting substrate 1100, wherein each of the Si/TiSi2 nanonets 1001 includes a plurality of connected and spaced-apart nanobeams linked together at an about 90-degree angle, wherein the nanobeams are composed of a conductive silicide core having a silicon particulate coating.

WO 2,011,053,553

Inventor(s): WANG DUNWEI [US]; ZHOU SA [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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