Method for Finishing a Surface of a Workpiece By Means of Forming a Third Body

The invention relates to a method for finishing a surface of a workpiece by means of forming a third body utilizing a metal-cutting surface processing tool. The invention is characterized by the combination of the following process steps: providing a surface processing tool having a blade, the blade edge rounding rss of which approximately corresponds to a cutting depth h by which the blade penetrates into the tool during the surface processing, contacting the surface processing tool at the surface to be processed at a prescribed processing speed vc such that a) a plastic deformation occurs in the region of a deformation advancing zone advancing the surface processing tool at a shear stress that causes a flow stress to occur which can be associated with the surface region, b) the surface end region to be finished is subjected to a strain rate increase to at least 10 s-1, followed by a strain rate decrease of the same magnitude as the strain rate increase, and c) the surface end region to be finished is subjected to a temperature increase of at least 1-103 Ks-1, followed by a cooling phase having a temperature change speed comparable to that of the heating phase.

WO 2,010,009,862

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