Method for Avoiding Collisions

The invention pertains to a method for avoiding collisions between a vehicle (1) and another traffic participant, in particular a pedestrian (3). According to the invention, a position of the pedestrian (3) is conveyed to an evaluation device associated with the vehicle (1) by way of a mobile telephone (4) carried by the pedestrian (3). An evaluation history is taken into account in the evaluation device, in particular positions y(t1), y(t2) of the pedestrian (3). A future trajectory (6) for the pedestrian (3) is determined from the evaluation history. If a distance (7) of said trajectory (6) from the trajectory (5) of the vehicle (1) falls below a minimum distance, a collision avoidance action is triggered in the vehicle (1), said action being optionally a notification to the driver or an automatic intervention into the drive train.

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WO 2,010,037,823

Inventor(s): DAVID KLAUS [DE]

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