Reactor Comprising an Archimedes Screw Conveyor

The invention relates to a reactor (2) comprising a rotary kiln (47) from which a reacted bulk material (16) is removed by way of an Archimedes screw conveyor (1). According to the invention, the screw conveyor (1) comprises a baffle element (41) in an exit area (18), said baffle element effecting a sort of "backup" of the conveyed bulk material (16) in the screw conveyor (1) so that a high fill level results in the screw conveyor (1). When the fill level is high enough so that cross sections of the screw conveyor (1) perpendicular to the direction of conveyance are completely filled with bulk material (16), a gas (27) routed through the screw conveyor (1) can be forced to move through the bulk material (16) to effect an improved reaction with the bulk material (16), in particular for secondary degradation.

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WO 2,010,020,662

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