Active Headrest with Multi-jointed Mechanism Transmission

The present invention relates to a headrest for installation in seats of vehicles which can be moved from a normal position into an accident position by means of a mechanism which can be activated under sensor control. So that the headrest can be re-used and ensures reduced crash loading on persons in the event of an accident and at the same time a design is obtained which is easy and cost-effective to manufacture, a headrest of this type is proposed in which a) a housing body (14) of the headrest can be permanently connected to the seat b) and upper impact plate (16) and a lower impact plate (18) are connected to the housing body (14) by means of the mechanism, c) wherein the upper impact plate (16) is mounted such that it can be pivoted out of an essentially horizontal orientation into an upright, essentially vertical orientation d); wherein the mechanism is configured to move the lower impact plate (18) forward in the direction of travel in order to assume the accident position, e) and at the same time to move the upper impact plate (16) upwards, characterized in that f) the mechanism contains at least one multi-jointed mechanism (32), preferably a four-jointed mechanism, wherein the multi-jointed mechanism connects a plurality of joint arms (34, 36, 38) to one another in an articulated fashion, and wherein during the entire displacement movement the joint arms maintain a connection of the parts which are moved with respect to one another.

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WO 2,010,017,801


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