Moldable and Low-temperature Cure High-temperature Composites

A method for preparing a high-temperature heat-resistant composite material by combining a mixture of submicron alumina powder and submicron silica powder, wherein the ratio of alumina to silica is from about 4:1 to about 5:1, submicron Group II metal oxide powder, and a Group I metal silicate solution to form a slurry, wherein the weight of the Group II metal oxide powder is an amount corresponding to about 5% to about 10% of the weight of the silicate solution; contacting reinforcing high-temperature resistant fibers with the slurry to form a composite precursor composition; and curing the composition at a temperature sufficient to produce the high-temperature heat-resistant composite material capable of resisting temperatures up to about 1400 DEG C. Composite materials prepared according to the method and articles incorporating the material are also presented.

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US 20,110,071,015


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