High-throughput Biomarker Segmentation Utilizing Hierarchical Normalized Cuts

A method and apparatus for obtaining segmented images of the stained regions may comprise quantifying the extent of the presence of staining of a biomarker in an original image of a sample, which may comprise selecting a domain swatch of data based upon a user specified domain knowledge; clustering the data within the original image by conducting a frequency weighted mean shift of the data within the original image to convergence, forming a hierarchical plurality of layers each having a different data resolution to form a hierarchical data pyramid; segmenting the plurality of mean shifted data images to determine in each mean shifted data image within the hierarchical data pyramid data not excluded as outside of the swatch; mapping the data not excluded as outside the swatch spatially back to the original image to create a final image; and, storing the final image on a storage medium for further analysis.

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WO 2,011,034,596


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