System and Method for Measuring Consumption in a Residential Or Commercial Building Via a Wall Socket

A system and method to measure power usage within a residence having a plurality of electrical circuits electrically connected to an over-current protection device may include measuring, by a power measurement device electrically connected to one of the electrical circuits by which power loads draw power, an electrical parameter of t he electrical circuits. The electrical parameter may be modeled as a lumped complex impedance. Alternatively, the electrical parameter may be a complex impedance of individual appliances. The measurement may be of AC voltages that may be utilized to calculate complex impedance. Alternatively, the measurement may be made using a reflectometer technique used to compute complex impedance. A data value representative of power being drawn by the power loads connected to the electrical circuits using the measured electrical parameter may be computed. An indicia representative of the computed data value representative of the power being drawn on t he electrical circuits may be displayed.

WO 2,011,035,301


Type of Offer: Licensing

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