Adiabatic Multi-band Rf Pulses for Selective Signal Suppression in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging scanner comprising: a main magnet providing a substantially uniform main magnetic field B0 for a subject under observation; and a radio frequency (RF) coil configured to irradiate a radio frequency (RF) pulse into a region of interest of the subject under observation, wherein the RF pulse comprises a base pulse comprising an adiabatic pulse having a first bandwidth time product (BWTP), wherein the RF pulse selectively suppresses magnetic resonance signals from more than one chemical component or more than one spatial region within the region of interest of the subject under observation, and wherein the adiabatic pulse is characterized by an amplitude modulation function and a frequency modulation function.

US 20,110,144,474


Type of Offer: Licensing

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