Optimized Mri Strip Array Detectors and Apparatus, Systems and Methods Related Thereto

Featured is a device for NMR or MRI signals from excited nuclei as well as related apparatus, systems and methods. The device includes a strip array antenna including one or more conductor and N reactive tuning components, where N is an integer>=1 at least one of the N reactive components is electrically coupled to each of the one or more conductors as well as to ground/virtual ground. The apparent electrical length of the conductors is tuned with the reactive tuning components so it is equal to be about n[lambda]/4, where n is an integer>=1 and [lambda] is the wavelength of the signal to be detected. The length of the strip also is such as to be substantially in the approximate range of 1.3 times the depth of interest. The strip conductors are also combined with loop coils to form quadrature detectors.

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US 20,110,037,468


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