Method for the Formation of Sers Substrates

A method for the formation of surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates. The method produces thin substrates that have a nanoparticle ink deposited thereon. The nanoparticle ink may be any suitable nanoparticle ink such as silver, gold or copper nanoparticle ink which includes stabilized nanoparticles. The substrates and nanoparticle ink undergo a first step of heating in order to remove liquid vehicle from the ink. The substrates and nanoparticles then undergo a second step of heating for an amount of time sufficient to remove a substantial portion of the stabilizer and provide a fractal aggregate nanoparticle layer on the substrate having a certain resistivity or conductivity suitable for Raman scattering. This creates SERS substrates with enhanced amplification properties.

WO 2,009,117,646


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