Non-contact Frequency Domain Near Infrared Absorption (inir) Device for Assessing Tissue Damage

A device for measuring the progress of healing of a wound over time includes at least one diode laser source that provides respective input wavelengths into at least one source fiber, a first optical switch that sequentially switches wavelengths among the respective input wavelengths into the at least one source fiber, a probe that does not touch the wound dunng use, the probe including the at least one source fiber and at least two detectors spaced thereon, an optical system that provides source light from the at least one source fiber to the wound and that detects light scattered by the wound surface and provides the scattered light to the detectors, and a processing unit responsive to outputs of the detectors for providing at least four independent measurements for calculation of an absorption coefficient /Ia and a scattering coefficient /I's of the light by the wound

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WO 2,010,054,203


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