Hand-held Electrical Stimulation Device

Apparatuses and methods for the safe and efficient electrical stimulation of tissue. The apparatuses of the present invention are preferably hand-held and are capable of providing electrical waveforms that are effective in promoting wound healing, improving circulation, stimulating peripheral nerves, administering pharmaceutical compounds via electrophoresis, and electroporating DNA into tissue. The present invention also generally contemplates the safe and efficient transfection of DNA into mammalian tissue via electroporation. Particularly, apparatuses of the present invention are useful in the delivery of DNA vaccines and in gene therapy. The present invention also preferably provides for the direct measurement of in vivo tissue resistance. Tissue resistance measurements may then be used to adjust stimulation intensity during electroporation or electrostimulation, so as to avoid damaging tissue during operation of the unit.

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US 20,100,191,174


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