Articulating Laryngoscope

Articulating laryngoscope to aid in the intubation of patients by providing illumination of the oral cavity and trachea during the process having, for example, 'fingers' with fiber optic lights at the ends and at joints of the fingers, fingers spread open or 'flower' when the device is deployed, gently retracting and compressing soft tissues in the oral cavity and providing medical professionals with much better illumination of the passageway they are addressing, constructed from a malleable material, including rubber, plastics/ polymers, and carbon fiber, instead of hard metal. The fingers may have multiple light sources to ensure a flooding of the patient's oropharynx with light.; Some versions might have fiber-optic cameras connected to one or more fingers for use in teaching and research, and one might have suction capability to facilitate removal of solids and fluids, one embodiment can have at least one finger with a scalpel at its distal end.

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WO 2,010,114,621


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