Antibacterial Peptides Active in Systemic Infections

Antimicrobial peptides of the formula are provided: X1-X2-PrO- X3- X4-PrO- Arg- Pro-Tyr-Leu-Pro- X5-Pro-Arg-Pro-Pro-Arg-Pro-Y, wherein X1 is a natural or non-natural amino acid having a free amino group or 1-amino-cyclohexyl carboxylic acid, X2 is Arg or N-methyl-Arg, X3 is Asp or GIu, X4 is Arg or Lys, X5 is Arg or Lys, and Y is Arg, Arg- NH2, N-methyl-Arg, N-methyl-Arg - NH2, Val-Arg, Val-Arg- NH2, Val-(N-methyl- Arg), or Val-(N-methyl)-Arg- NH2, and salts thereof.

WO 2,009,108,347

Inventor(s): OTVOS LASZLO [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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