Modular System of Functional Units for Mixing, Processing And/or Separating Samples for Use in Biological/medical Research and for Diagnostics

Basic steps of biological research and of diagnostics include mixing, physical and/or chemical reactions and separation. Particularly in research task-specific laboratory systems are required which are not commercially available due to small batch sizes and the specific problems to be faced. Because of the lack of such systems, researchers and diagnosticians have to improvise with already existing vessels, filters, centrifuges etc. to solve the problems. The aim of the invention is to devise a system of functional units which can be put together depending on the methodological type of problem.; The system of functional units which can be freely combined consists of mixing cylinders, separation devices and a flow-regulating connecting unit which is preferably a vacuum unit and which is designed to be preferably interconnected in any order with any number of functional units via simple plug-in connections to give a self-contained sample processing system.

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WO 2,010,040,347


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