Sparkling Yogurt

Sparkling Yogurt® is a lightly carbonated yogurt with a unique, refreshing taste. The carbonation imparts a pleasant tingling sensation. In test marketing, customers purchased sparkling yogurt two times to one over regular yogurt.
General Information

Sparkling Yogurt® is lightly carbonated, spoonable yogurt with a unique, refreshing taste. The level of carbonation is lower than that of soft drinks, yielding a mild, yet stimulating tingle. Dissolving carbon dioxide creates a sparkle in the yogurt, which provides the tingling sensation. Carbonation can also be used in other semi-solid or solid spoonable foods, such as pudding, custard or flan.

Carbon Dioxide gas is added to the yogurt at a moderate pressure just prior to packaging. However, the chilled, packaged product is not under pressure.
The Market

Sparkling Yogurt consistently scored higher than other types of yogurt in sensory panel studies. Customers purchased Sparkling Yogurt almost twice as often as regular yogurt. Teens and young adults lead the preference spectrum, purchasing Sparkling Yogurt five times more often than BYU's non-sparkled yogurt. Market research in Belgium confirms taste preference for Sparkling Yogurt.

US 5,624,700   [MORE INFO]

Inventor(s): Dr. Lynn Ogden

Type of Offer: Licensing

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